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New features
We have added some more new features to the service interface.
Now it is possible to assign an alias to any computer in the computer manager.
We are connecting and testing the service for receiving payments and will soon complete the beta testing period.
We remind all users that they will be able to use the "BETA" plan for free even after the end of the beta testing period.
Jan. 27, 2020
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Improvements and fixes
We continue to fix bugs and improve the WANVisor service.
We constantly working on internal optimizations and updates of the agent program.
We are grateful to all users who submit their feedback and suggestions. They are very valuable to us.
We will certainly release all the new features offered by users.
Please write to us!
Dec. 19, 2019
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Beta testing launched
Beta testing of the service has begun today.
Registration and use of the service is free for everyone.
Feedback and suggestions from users are very welcome.

☻ It is possible to add up to 32 PCs to your account.
☻ Receive up to 8 screenshots per hour from each PC.
☻ Store screenshots for 2 weeks.
Aug. 1, 2019